The Wonders Of Bnxn and Pheelz’s “Finesse”

The Wonders Of Bnxn and Pheelz’s “Finesse”. 

Pheelz‘s “Finesse”, is doing huge numbers on DSPs, it is breaking into top music spaces after becoming the world’s most Shazamed song recently. The record has become so relatable to everyone’s lifestyle and has got itself a comfortable room in pop culture.

Bnxn formerly known as Buju flexed his smooth songwriting technique and vocal range on Finesse, and his effort became one of the core inputs on the record that vouch’s as a wonder on the track. Pheelz on the other end chorused in a way listeners could adapt to the record forming an anthem as a pop staple for the streets and even the elite demography in Nigeria to jolt alongside. Bnxn played assist via the second verse as well as he hadn’t difficulty showcasing his alluring vocal on a joint alongside Pheelz for the chorus.

Presently, the record is affecting its listeners alongside the lifespan of many relationships built without a solid foundation. It is the wonder of Finesse. Imagine when someone echo’s that chorus’s lyrics that when they become broke it is their guy’s business as I’ve been caught in the sight with most Nigerian young females, they attribute so much responsibility to a guy who hasn’t married them yet, however, after so much fun and splendor of their cash, they go broke in the end and cry to their boyfriend or date saying it’s his business. It is real, I came across a scene last week as it began causing a slight misunderstanding between them at the parking lot in a mall in Benin. While they claim to love each other so much.

The wonders of Finesse is such that every input of the song’s chorus from start to finish, have become the average Nigerian youth’s anthem, even the young males who are often ready to accept the responsibility that comes with being broke perhaps after they’ve spent so much to impress a new girl. Right from TikTok and Instagram’s users every scroll, Nigerians have continued to adapt to the culture that comes with Finesse which entails that if you can’t handle your woman’s responsibility completely, she is free to leave the man and find another partner who could attend to her needs better. Madness right? These same ladies attribute their brokenness to their date’s business. Such a trend that has come to sit in between relationships could tear the ones without firm foundations apart.


CREDIT: Agwuma Kingsley

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