South African Stars Who Dated Younger Guys

South African Stars Who Dated Younger Guys. 

South African Stars Who Dated Younger Guys – An age gap between two partners in a relationship is such a common thing nowadays that it’s barely worth a mention. Famous stars from all over the world have chosen a love match who is significantly different in age.

However, although there can be an age gap, it’s still less common for the woman to be the older partner – but things are changing. Here’s a look at why men date an older woman and some of the celebrity couples who have hooked up.

Why Younger Men Choose to Date Mature Women. 

Something about an older woman is instantly appealing, drawing men like a moth to a flame. Whether it’s confidence, independence or experience, there’s no denying that men adore more mature females.

A glimpse at online dating sites proves the attraction; whether it’s a cougar hookup or a long-term romance, mature women are in great demand. Younger women may provide eye candy, but they don’t have all the skills of an older woman, and they often lack the self-assuredness which is so attractive. Mature women are physically attractive and offer intellectual attributes too, which comes in an irresistible package that includes emotional maturity. If you’re just looking for a funk hookup, you won’t find an older woman clinging on afterward – she’ll cut you loose and stride on to her next fun encounter!

And older women enjoy all sorts of relationships; if you check out the online dating sites existing today, you’ll find out that these women are down to literally everything, from no-strings-attached fun right through to serious relationships and marriage. For sparkling conversation, fun in the bedroom, and emotional maturity, there’s nothing better than a cougar.

Famous Celebrities Who Dated Younger Men. 

You may have heard all about cougars, but if you still doubt that genuine connections between older women and younger men occur, here are some real-life examples:

  • DJ Zinhle and AKA 

Music was the spark that brought DJ Zinhle and AKA together, originally hooking up on a professional collaboration but soon becoming romantically involved. With a four-year gap in their age, DJ Zinhle is a more mature woman, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying a relationship for three years.

They kept their affair secret for the first two years, but it leaked out into the public domain by 2014. DJ Zinhle was one of Africa’s best female DJs by this point, while AKA was enjoying success in his own musical career. In 2015 DJ Zinhle fell pregnant but shortly before she was due to give birth, she discovered AKA was cheating on her, and they split up. Three years later, they got back together briefly again before splitting for good in 2019.

DJ Zinhle is now with a new beau, and with a five-year gap in their ages, he’s another younger man!

  • Candy Tsamandebele and Nonny D 

Born in 1970, Candy Tsamandebele showed a talent for singing from a young age, starting in a girls’ choir and progressing to a professional career. It was this shared love of music that drew Candy and Noony D together, despite the 10-year difference in their ages.

After going public and collaborating on tracks together, Candy and Nonny D realized their romance had run its course. They split as partners but remain good friends, still supporting each other through their work.

  • Ayanda Thabethe and Dash

Ayanda Thabethe is one of the most famous faces in South Africa; as a supermodel, TV host, and entrepreneur, she’s both beautiful and talented. Founding the marketing agency Buzzworthy Production in 2011, she’s also gone on to appear in a long list of top TV shows, including BET A-List, Top Entertainment, and Rockville, as well as modeling and endorsing beauty products.

Dash, aka Zulu Mkhathini, is four years younger than Ayanda, but they were together for three blissful years despite the age difference. A rapper who was originally part of trio Dreamteam, Dash moved onto a solo career. As the two lovebirds enjoyed successful careers, their relationship suffered, and they drifted apart. Although they are no longer a couple, they remain great friends and support each other.

  • Zodwa Wabantu and Vusi Buthelezi

Born in 1985, Zodwa Wabantu has built up a solid fanbase, gaining followers for her skills as a dancer, entrepreneur, actress, and socialite. Appearing in her own show Uncensored, Zodwa is well-known for her comfort with nudity and has courted controversy at times.

This flamboyant approach to life meant that she is particularly compatible with younger men. She was already betrothed to Ntobeko Linda when she broke it off, citing irreconcilable differences in their personalities. Linda was younger than Zodwa by eight years, but the dancer went on to pick an even younger lover: Vusi Butheluzi. Her junior by 11 years, Vusi was smitten with Zodwa, and the pair enjoyed a whirlwind affair.

Sadly the relationship was not destined to last. After Vusi moved in with Zodwa and spending the lockdown together, they split in an acrimonious manner. Although this relationship didn’t end well, Zodwa and Vusi certainly had fun along the way!

Our celebrity couples may not have found their one true love, but their relationship breakdowns had nothing to do with their age. Whether you’re a guy eying up an older woman, or a more mature female contemplating a relationship with a younger man, there’s no reason to hang around. Maturity is attractive, and that’s a fact!

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