Lojay’s “Gangster Romantic” is a unique tale unfolding details about a gangster’s romance

Lojay Gangster Romantic
Lojay Gangster Romantic

Lojay’s “Gangster Romantic” is a unique tale unfolding details about a gangster’s romance.

Leader, is clearly an exclusive blue print which allows Lojay bears it all being a “Gangster Romantic“.

The Lojay’s sophomore 7-track project, consists of suiting sounds and crystal clear stories told aptly. Most importantly, it is a variety of an encompassed romance tale, taped peculiarly to the act telling them.

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“Gangster Romantic,” is a special series that defines Lojay’s character being romance entangled. From being powerfully driven in and on the outskirts of his feelings and emotion. Exploring getting locked in between the excruciating grief that comes with cold heartbreak.

A perfectly coined example to give a better description of this case study, would be when one is served breakfast [heart break] during least expected moments.

Perhaps, during ones preparation which requires creating beautiful memories with ones love interest or crush. And the heart break and emotional trauma sets in without a warning. It is the state of searching for genuine love. Close to getting it yet loosing it all away without ones notice at the same time and space.

Lojay Gangster Romantic
Lojay Gangster Romantic

On the addictive “Moto” Lojay successfully births this vital story to life. While he cries all alone at the end. He only adored and wished to spend cherishable moments with the one his heart longs for. On the other hand the one he’s crushing for locates a new lover in his bare sight. She obviously walks away with her lover and it ended up multiplying Lojay’s grief.

On “Leader,” Lojay, pronounced himself the captain of his woman. In his lyrics on the first verse, he makes an important note which states, “If she rude/put her feelings on cruise.” On the second verse, he shows off playboy attributes towards his lover which involves having an affair and moving onto the next woman. A very important role ultimately guiding core listeners on the tracts of being a solid gangster romantic.

Leader, is clearly an exclusive blue print which allows Lojay bear it all being a gangster romantic. Applying such a loosed and distinct storytelling on the EP which captures heart break and vulnerabilities. It brings so much relatability with the traumatic experiences in between. Coupled with the inevitable problems that comes with pioneering romantic relationships. The lust attached in the project was magnified on “Availabu,” and the solidly baked obsession introduced via “IYD.”

These are testaments unique to Lojay’s gangster romantic. And as much as they are special. They are heavy on relatablity, and are more personal to the act than ever. From the DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small assisted “Canada,” struck with lavish and trivial moments. Gangster romantic is strongly knitted and connected with the modern lifestyle in budding romance relationships.