2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 6

2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 6. 

Welcome to Week 6 in the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown House. With Big Brother back from vacation, we should expect a week of drama. In week 5, Only Praise Got Evicted leaving the house with 14 HMs remaining. 

The day began in a very boring way unlike past weeks as most HMs went back to bed after the morning workout.

This week wager: Housemates will be showing some artistic love and appreciation for their Hero.

Ozo became the HOH for the second time in BBNaija Lockdown House but this time around, he chose Nengi (Week 1 HOH Winner) as the DHOH.

It’s 25th August, And it’s a new week for new tasks. Today’s task came from Indomie Noodles Nigeria. They were paired in twos and each HM had to cook the Indomie noodles individually. Each HM was also provided with his or her attire based on their tribe. They put this on, taste their partner’s cooked Indomie, talked about their tribe in relation to cooked food and others.


Team 1 : Kiddwaya scores Wathoni a 7
Wathoni scores Kiddwaya a 10

Team 2 : Erica gives Neo a 10
Neo gives Erica a 10

Team 3 : Lucy scores Ozo a 10
Ozo scores Lucy a 10

Team 4 : TolaniBaj gives TrikyTee a 9
TrikyTee gave TolaniBaj a 10

Team 5 : Laycon gave Dorathy a 9
Dorathy gave Laycon a 10

Team 6 : Nengi gave Prince a 9
Prince gave Nengi a 10

Team 7 : BrightO gave Vee a 6
Vee gave BrightO a 7

Big Brother said in sharing their culture/tradition with someone, they should do it without prejudice. Big Brother is impressed with their performances. The entire house gets a cash price of ₦4,000,000. Each teams gets ₦570,000 each.

The score each housemates gave their partners would be reversed. For example, Kiddwaya would then score a 7 and Wathoni scores a 10.

Team 1: Wathoni gets ₦335,000
Kiddwaya gets ₦235,000

Team 2. Both Neo and Erica gets ₦285,000

Team 3 Both Lucy and Ozo gets ₦285,000

Team 4 TolaniBaj gets ₦270,000
TrikyTee gets ₦300,000

Team 5 Laycon gets ₦270,000
Dorathy gets ₦300,000

Team 6 Nengi gets ₦270,000
Prince gets ₦300,000

Team 7 BrightO gets ₦263,000
Vee gets ₦307,000

Finally they’ll all be treated with special delicacies from Indomie.



Housemates has been paired into 2’s.. And will be filling the puzzle on each of the Pepsi Ambassador Brand.

Team 1. Prince and Nengi working on Tiwa Savage.

Team 2. Vee and Tolanibaj working on DJ Spinall.

Team 3. Laycon and Wathoni working on Starboy Wizkid.

Team 4. BrightO and Dora working on Davido.

Team 5. Trikytee and Ozo working on Teckno

Team 6. Neo and Erica working on Burnaboy.

Team 7. Kiddwaya and Lucy working on DJ Cuppy

Also Burnaboy will be previewing his newly released album “Twice as Tall” with the housemates later today.

Result of the Pepsi BBNaija TurnUp Challenge:

Task 1: Uncovering the puzzle pieces.

Criteria for winning: uncovering the puzzle pieces within the fastest possible time.

Winner: Team Tiwa (Prince & Nengi).

Task 2: Performance of song by team ambassador(s)

Criteria for winning: Teamwork, showmanship and accurate lyrics.

Winner(s): Team Tekno(Ozo & Trickytee).

Price for the winners (Only In Second Task):

1. One Million Naira each and An all-expense paid trip to Dubai for the Music festival.
2. One year supply of Pepsi beverages.

What a wonderful night courtesy of Pepsi!
Congratulations to the winners.

On the 27th, they got a task from Kudabank. They were divided into three groups:

Team Free Bank Transfers.

Team No Funny Charges.

Team Free ATM Card.

Team Free ATM (Neo, Trikytee, Prince, TolaniBaj & Dorathy) won with an outstanding skit performance. 1 Million Naira Is Alloted to them while remaining groups also shared One Million Naira.

After that, the HMs moved to their Wager Task presentation which took place at the Lounge. Just before that was the the love separation between Prince and TolaniBaj as the called it quit.

On the 28th August, the HMs Main task of the day is Betway Trivia Game and Diary Session. 

Kiddwaya Won The Betway Arena Game For This Week on 25 seconds followed closely by Prince on 27 seconds.

The Major Highlight of the night was the Oracle Game / Truth or Dare Game Organized by the HMs. The event went well until after the event, Drunk Erica called her so-called bestie and told him her feelings for him but Kiddwaya failed to give a meaningful response. Erika Broke Into Tears; she was consoled by Prince and Trikytee. This suggests the sink of their relationship in BBNaija House.

It’s Saturday for the Night Party… A task came from Revolution Plus Properties. They were divided into four (4) groups.

  • Team Hillcrest 
  • Team Victoria Gardens
  • Team The Grandeur
  • Team Flourish Residences

The result of the Revolution Plus Task is read by the HOH. Teams Hillcrest and Victoria Gardens receive 1million naira each for winning the task.

The party started with DJ Switch blasting top notch songs and ended with an excellent performance overall. CDQ was the guest artist for the night. By popular demand, Laycon’s new song “Senseless” & Vee’s song were added to the DJ Switch’s choice of songs at the party. A lot of drama occurred after the party as usual as the relationship between Kidd and Erica; Ozo and Nengi became swindled.

They began activities on Sunday, 30th with the styling of hair and preparation for the live eviction show. No Diary Session Was Held but few minutes before the eviction show, all HMs were summoned to the Lounge by Biggie, only to get there and saw the video clips of Kiddwaya and Erica again after the initial strikes when they were both HOH and DHOH… as they both disrespect the integrity of the BBN. Big Brother went ahead and gave them their final chance to redeem their images in BBNaija House.

To Sum up everything, the live eviction show hosted by Ebuka, began and three (3) HMs were evicted for the night namely: BrightO, Wathoni and TolaniBaj. This leaves the number of HMs reduced to eleven (11). Meanwhile, right before this, Ebuka shook some tables but it was shocking as TolaniBaj said she was just having a cruise with her so-called boyfriend Prince; the drama between Ozo and Nengi; Laycon and Erica. The week ended as the HMs already got used to the eviction stuff and HMs leaving…

The Page Will Be Updated Accordingly!

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