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2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 4

2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 4. 

After The 2nd & Week 3 Eviction Drama, BBNaija Lockdown Week 4 Began With A New Brief & Task From The Big Brother To The Housemates. The current HOH Ozo disseminated the information to his fellow housemates as expected. Part one is based on Fun Facts about Nigeria and part two will be a Sensitization Campaign around GBV. They have gotten straight to work with contributions from the housemates.

  • Tonight Is Also HOH Game which means current HOH anchors, Ozo and Dorathy are up for eviction. but before then Diary Sessions Has To routinely Take Place and Discuss How They Feel.
  • Erica emerged as the new HOH at the arena game and she picked her bestie, Kiddwaya as her Deputy HOH. She became the third female to win HOH at this 2020 BBNaija Lockdown.

The new day 11th August started with a whole lot of low energy but got in a better mood just before noon as they start preparation for their wager task. During this period, a new task came from Guiness NGR.

First Task is a Smooth Photo Challenge.

The #BBNaija Housemates have been divided into Team Hops (Ozo, Nengi, Praise, TolaniBaj, Prince, Dorathy, Wathoni & Neo) and Team Barley (Kiddwaya, Lucy, Kaisha, Laycon, Erica, Trikytee, BrightO & Vee). 2nd Task Is The Guiness Smooth Hunt.

Both Teams were victorious tonight with Team Hops collectively Winning N1,000,000 and Team Barley collectively Winning N2,000,000 in the @GuinnessNGR Task. 

It was another drama right after game as Erica and Lucy engaged in a fight which has literally started since noon when Erica as the HOH has to read the task without Lucy’s presence and got Lucy infuriated. This evening Lucy was able to deal with the aggressiveness from Erica with hysterical laughter. Afterward, Erica apologized to Lucy during their Wager Task Preparation.

 On the 12th of August, Their preparation for the task is still not encouraging as the HOH is not putting her best.

Today’s task came from Oppomobile and it’s about getting the Housemates to play musical chairs and see which #BBNaija Housemates can dance and sit the fastest. The HMs were paired in two but it was the pair of Erica and Bright that won the cash prize of #500,000 each with 1 Oppo Mobile each.

It’s another day 13th of August, throughout the day there was no significant activity apart from the Diary Sessions until evening when they went to the Arena for their wager’s task. Unfortunately, they lost the task because the Big Brother wasn’t impressed with their short performance on Sensitization Campaign. The night continued with no remorse whatsoever from the HMs for their wager loss.

14th of August, They have the arena game later at night but before then is Betway Trivia for the HMs in 2 different groups. At the Arena game this evening, Prince won and he will be pampered from now till next week. They had fun as usual after the game as Biggie gave a them a lot of drinks to flex with. Things took wrong turn at night during their gathering when Erica felt she was insecure among HMs with what Wathoni said, and was angry at Kidd for not letting her down on two different occasions. She went to confront Wathoni for this but this brought a huge rift between both of them. After the whole drama, Kidd called all the HMs to the garden and gave them drinks again to bring fresh air among the HMs.

15th of August, it’s Saturday Night Party. It wasn’t pretty in the morning as Kaisha and Nengi clashed which nearly got Nengi pushing Kaisha. The fight was cut short when Biggie gave the HOH a brief for the day.

Task from Travelbeta for the Housemates and this time they are taking a trip around Naija. Time to place your bets!💵

They grouped themselves into four teams:

  • IJESHA WATERFALL (Dorathy, Kidd, Praise, Erica) 
  • CALABAR CARNIVAL (Laycon, Vee, Wathoni, Bright) 
  • ABUJA (Ozo, Nengi, Prince, TolaniBaj) 
  • OBUDU (Lucy, Trikytee, Kaisha, Neo) 

At the end of the task, Team Calabar and Team Abuja won the tasks. They won 1 Million Naira A Piece.

It’s Party Time at 10pm, DJ Crowd Kontroller took the wheel for the night and it’s blazing as all HMs dressed in native attires. There was no much drama at the end of the party as they all cautiously took their drinks at the party. The only topic of the night was the camera showing Kiddwaya and Erica under the Duvet again for an intimate romance. Secondly, Vee and Neo slept on different bed for the first time.

It’s Sunday 16th of August, tonight there is another live eviction show which eliminates at least one of the HMs if found at the bottom four. Following Vee and Neo relationsip, they seem to be having misunderstanding because of soup… How Funny. As at now, they are no longer in talking terms.

Diary Sessions precedes the eviction show.

Trikytee, Kaisha, Wathoni and Neo were the bottom four Housemates up for Eviction this week. Unfortunately it was only Kaisha that left the Big Brother Naija lockdown House tonight.

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